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acehackware_logo.gifAfter making a great new connections through the EH-Net Community Forums, Taylor Banks, long-time penetration tester and owner of ACE Hackware is the latest supporter of EH-Net. "A lot has changed in ten years," notes Taylor. "I can hardly imagine the thrill to be a pentester just starting his or her career with the toys available to hackers today!" Real pentesting and effective social engineering require a diverse, esoteric and well honed skill-set. Still, with a hidden camera, a set of lock picks, and a pentest drop box (or better yet, a Hacklebox™), even a noob can get root in all but the tightest of environments.

Although it has a retail value of $600, we wouldn’t be satisfied with giving away just the standard Hacklebox™ now would we? This month’s prize is a Special Edition ACE Hackware / Hacklebox™ that adds several tools to this already robust hacker’s toy box, including dual pentest drop boxes, an upgraded bump key set, an improved ID kit and a stylish, professional looking watch with a hidden 1080p full-HD, night-vision camera! And how classic is it that Taylor came up with a package values at $1337? With a professional looking case sporting custom ACE Hackware and logos, you’ll be pentesting in style. See the full list after the break.

This month’s winner has been a member for a while and is a previous winner of our giveaways. But if you’ve ever started a thread and seen his name pop up in a thread, then you know why he was chosen again. He gives great advice from both a technical and practicial point of view and is willing to do it in a very courteous manner. Gotta love the Aussies! So congratulations to EH-Net member, MaXe, and I look forward to his continued presence. It’s truly appreciated.

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The Original ACE Hacklebox™The Original ACE Hacklebox™ (image shown) includes everything one needs to perform sophisticated, multi-vector penetration tests and social engineering engagements. Complete with tools to gain entry, disguise identity, record audio and video inconspicuously, establish a beachhead and control a target remotely, all in an attractive locking case that looks sharp with an Italian suit or a janitor’s disguise. The Special Edition ACE Hackware / Hacklebox™ comes with a professional locking case sporting custom ACE Hackware and logos and includes:

• Deluxe ID Making Kit
• 1080P Night Vision Camera Watch
• Professional 39-key Bump Key Set
• SouthOrd Pen Lock Pick Set
• Shove It Tool
• Pwn Plug
• MiniPwner
• Teensy++ 2.0
• SEORG Armed and Dangerous T-Shirt
• Credit Card Lock Pick Set

…and the total retail value of the kit, (believe it or not) comes out to $1337. How leet is that? 🙂

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