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Win Custom EH-Net Branded ACE Hacklebox™ Worth $1337!!

acehackware_logo.gifEven I make new connections through the EH-Net Community Forums. Taylor Banks, long-time penetration tester and hacking countermeasures instructor, answered a question in our forums, and now ACE Hackware is the latest supporter of EH-Net. After over a decade in the biz, Taylor decided to launch the store he wished existed when he first began his security testing career. While Banks and his team used to have to "velcro Fujitsu Lifebooks and Sony Picturebooks to the underside of server racks," Taylor points out that modern pentest drop boxes like the Pwn Plug and MiniPwner possess at least as much power in significantly smaller and much less conspicuous form-factors. "A lot has changed in ten years," notes Taylor. "I can hardly imagine the thrill to be a pentester just starting his or her career with the toys available to hackers today!" Real pentesting and effective social engineering require a diverse, esoteric and well honed skill-set. Still, with a hidden camera, a set of lock picks, and a pentest drop box (or better yet, a Hacklebox™), even a noob can get root in all but the tightest of environments.

Although it has a retail value of $600, we wouldn’t be satisfied with giving away just the standard Hacklebox™ now would we? This month’s prize is a Special Edition ACE Hackware / Hacklebox™ that adds several tools to this already robust hacker’s toy box, including dual pentest drop boxes, an upgraded bump key set, an improved ID kit and a stylish, professional looking watch with a hidden 1080p full-HD, night-vision camera! With a professional looking case sporting custom ACE Hackware and logos, you’ll be pentesting in style. See the full list after the break.

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The Original ACE Hacklebox™The Original ACE Hacklebox™ (image shown) includes everything one needs to perform sophisticated, multi-vector penetration tests and social engineering engagements. Complete with tools to gain entry, disguise identity, record audio and video inconspicuously, establish a beachhead and control a target remotely, all in an attractive locking case that looks sharp with an Italian suit or a janitor’s disguise. The Special Edition ACE Hackware / Hacklebox™ comes with a professional locking case sporting custom ACE Hackware and logos and includes:

• Deluxe ID Making Kit
• 1080P Night Vision Camera Watch
• Professional 39-key Bump Key Set
• SouthOrd Pen Lock Pick Set
• Shove It Tool
• Pwn Plug
• MiniPwner
• Teensy++ 2.0
• SEORG Armed and Dangerous T-Shirt
• Credit Card Lock Pick Set

…and the total retail value of the kit, (believe it or not) comes out to $1337. How leet is that? 🙂

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