Pen Testing Perfect Storm Pt. III: Network Reconstructive Surgery

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EH-Net is pleased to announce the complimentary webcast, “Network Reconstructive Surgery,” Part III of the Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast trilogy – featuring the return of SANS Pen Testing swashbucklers Ed Skoudis, Josh Wright and Kevin Johnson. The third and final installment of this popular webcast trilogy will focus on assessing the outside-in attack process, leveraging a seemingly innocuous website bug for full-scale control over the target network infrastructure. You’ll learn how to take advantage of powerful tools including Ratproxy, the soon-to-be-released Yokoso! project and a recent browser exploit, as well as how a pentester can manipulate the not-so-helpful features in enterprise wireless networking systems. Combining concepts from web app, network, wireless and social-engineering attack techniques, this webcast will present practical tips for succeeding in a penetration test in ways that exceed that of independent analysis steps. In this finale webcast, you’ll also gain insight into predictions by the pentest luminary team on the future of combined penetration tests, including the concept of "no holes barred" pentesting and the effect it will have on the future of enterprise security.

The third and final webcast in this series will take place Tues March 24, 2009 @ 1:00 PM EST. Following the webcast, attendees are invited to keep the conversation going with Kevin, Josh and Ed from InGuardians during discussions hosted by The Ethical Hacker Network (EH-Net), a free online magazine for security professionals. For at least one week after each webcast, the crew will make themselves available to answer your questions directly and candidly in EH-Net’s Community Forums. All discussions will remain freely available on EH-Net for your continued reference.

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Combining Network, Web App and Wireless
into the Ultimate Penetration Test

The Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast series brings you a deluge of security assessment tactics and strategies from the combined forces of three penetration testing heavyweights in the SANS faculty:

  • Kevin Johnson: web guru and senior security analyst with InGuardians
  • Josh Wright: wireless wizard and senior security researcher with InGuardians
  • Ed Skoudis: network master and co-founder of InGuardians

This trio of experts will show you how to assess an organization’s real business risks by taking a holistic, comprehensive look at your information security – just as determined and skilled attackers do in the wild. You’ll learn techniques for safely replicating chains of threats that can pivot throughout your infrastructure, including:

  • Web — SQL injection, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusion, etc.
  • Wireless — wireless LAN discovery, crypto and protocol attacks, client duping, etc.
  • Network — port scanning, service compromise, client-side exploitation, etc.

This free webcast series is ideal for anyone seeking to go beyond point-focused, "tunnel-vision" assessments to real-world penetration testing – mimicking the sophisticated, multi-staged threats that pose the most significant information security risks to organizations today.
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Pen Testing Perfect Storm Pt. III: Network Reconstructive Surgery

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