October 2011 Free Giveaway Sponsor – Mile2

Win 1 of 12 Training Prizes Worth $14,000+!!

mile2-logo.gifThat’s right! Again we have over $14,000 worth of training to give away for this month alone. Many thanks to Mile2 for their generosity not only to the members of EH-Net this month, but also their continued support of those in the military and law enforcement. I know the value of the prizes are staggering, and I don’t fool myself in thinking that this can continue each and every month, but I’ll ride this current wave as long as I can. Here’s the skinny… Mile2 offers quality training for topics ranging from pentesting & forensics to disaster recovery and secure coding. See all of Mile2’s course offerings. For the giveaway, they are offering the folllowing:

– Two online live seats ($3000 per seat) and free exams ($250) for these two students.
– 10 video and examination combos ($800 per seat)
50% Off Anything & Everything Mile2 Offers

As with every month, all you have to do is participate on EH-Net. Write some reviews or tutorials, spread the word of EH-Net to the wider security community, share in the forums, help someone advance their career, tweet our articles… whatever you think you can do to increase the reach and effectiveness of our growing community gets you noticed. Getting noticed gets you great prizes. It’s that simple.


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Discuss in Forums {mos_smf_discuss:News Items and General Discussion About EH-Net}

Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

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