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hdr_osborne.gifBooks, books and more books. It seems like us security professionals have 1 of two problems… We can never get enough time to read all of the great books out there or our budgets don’t allow us to buy all the titles we want. At least the latter is not a problem for the 5 EH-Net winning members: ethicalhack3r, MicroJay, Synquell, T_Bone, ziggy_567. Congrats! For those who didn’t win, we still have a a deal for ALL EH-Netters.

This is where McGraw-Hill Professional comes in. As they put it, "Take the shortest path to get certified in CISSP, CISA, or CompTIA Security+. Get 30% OFF on these books from McGraw-Hill, exclusively for The Ethical Hacker Network." And not just any CISSP books, but…

1. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th Edition ($79.99), the new edition of the #1 CISSP book! Written by Shon Harris, the #1 name in IT security certification and training. This exam guide offers complete coverage of all the material on the latest release of the CISSP exam.
2. CISSP Practice Exam From Shon Harris ($39.99). This book provides hundreds of realistic CISSP practice exam questions.

For information, please visit the landing page created by McGraw-Hill specifically for EH-Net. Thanks to everyone for their continued participation in the EH-Net Community Forums!

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