November 2011 Free Giveaway Sponsor – Black Hat Events

Win Ticket to the Black Hat Event of Your Choice!!

bh-home-banner-img.pngAs a long time friend and supporter of EH-Net, when Black Hat asked for some help, we immediately said yes. It’s this type of cooperation that helped us grow, and we’re more than happy to reciprocate and be part of an even larger professional hacking community. But that means we need your help. We could really use everyone reading this to fill out the quick survey. They’d like to know which events you’ve attended and which online security publications you read — all part of giving them critical guidance on what Black Hat has to offer. And they’ve kept it short! Only Five questions! Just click ’em off, and you’re entered to win this month’s Giveaway, a free pass for full conference admission to the Black Hat event of your choice between now and the end of 2013.

Much thanks in advance as you’ll be helping EH-Net and Black Hat, and for that you could be the winner of the Free Monthly Giveaway mentioned above worth upwards of $2600! It’s slightly different from what we’ve done in the past, as we’re trying to get the opinion of all EH-Netters, not just members. But, considering the size of the prizes we’ve been offering the last few months, we hope you don’t mind us asking for a little help in return. Fill out the survey, post in your blogs, RT, etc. It couldn’t be easier, and you’d really be lending a helping hand.


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