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box__prosmall.pngThe chatter and excitement have continued for the new offering by eLearnSecurity (eLS), Penetration Testing Pro (PTP). From the buzz created over the early look in our forums, to an EXCLUSIVE 5% Discount and finally with a great review by our newest columnists, Jason Haddix, it just seemed obvious to ask them for a few seats to give away to EH-Net readers. As I often say, "Just ask." I did and they said yes!! Then it was your turn, and you responded. So…

1. EH-Net Members Equix3n-, What90 and xXxKrisxXx have won the 3 seats in PTP with a value of €449 / $599 each.
2. Don’t forget that the 5% Discount is back on. This EXCLUSIVE Offer for EH-Netters has been extended indefinitely!! So when you’re ready, SIGN UP HERE.

To quote eLS’s Armando Romeo, "I love the way you and EH-Net are helping me, and I’m trying to give something back while in the position of a bootstrapped CEO lol." So if high quality yet inexpensive online training is something that interests you, your employer or your clients, there’s a new kid on the block worthy of your time.

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