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3 Free Seats in Pen Testing Pro Online Course!

box__prosmall.pngThere’s been a lot of chatter on EH-Net recently about the new online course by eLearnSecurity (eLS), Penetration Testing Pro (PTP). From the excitement over the early look in our forums, to an EXCLUSIVE 5% Discount and finally with a great review by our newest columnists, Jason Haddix, it just seemed obvious to ask them for a few seats to give away to EH-Net readers. As I often say, "Just ask." I did and they said yes!! So we have 2 announcements for all of you:

1. Up for grabs are 3 seats in PTP with a value of €449 / $599 each.
2. The 5% Discount is back on. This EXCLUSIVE Offer for EH-Netters has been extended indefinitely!! So when you’re ready, SIGN UP HERE.

To quote eLS’s Armando Romeo, "I love the way you and EH-Net are helping me, and I’m trying to give something back while in the position of a bootstrapped CEO lol." So if high quality yet inexpensive online training is something that interests you, your employer or your clients, there’s a new kid on the block worthy of your time.

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