May 2008 Free Giveaway Sponsor – Security University

Free Boot Camp Seat Worth $2,995!!

qisplogo.jpgSecurity University has been around since 1999 offering top quality training for the InfoSec Professional. One lucky EH-Net member will be given a complimentary seat in their choice of either the QEH (Qualified Ethical Hacker) or QSA (Qualified Security Analyst) worth $2995. The QEH class is for learning serious TACTICAL security skills that set you apart from your peers. You will take the Security University exam on site and achieve the only hacking certificate approved by the NSA. The QSA class features security vulnerability testing, hacking and much much more with 40+ hacking labs. These are live, instructor led courses available in Virginia or San Franciso. I recommend you look over their courses and instructors, and you’ll find that they are a quality organization. Good luck.

The next available QEH course in VA is May 27-30. So we are going to end this one early. Deadline is going to be May 19, 2008 – So you better get to posting in our forums!!

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