June 2013 Free Giveaway Winner of Black Hat USA Ticket

We have a winner of Black Hat USA 2013 Briefings Pass = $2195!

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Hard to believe it’s that time of year again, but here we are. Time to start gearing up for the madness that is the annual trek to Vegas for Black Hat USA and DEFCON. As we do with most of our prizes, we kindly ask that if someone can’t utilize the prize, then kindly decline. We’d always prefer someone benefiting from a prize instead of it sitting unused. So after several tries, I found someone who fit the bill – participates on the site and can make it to Vegas. To make it even better, this will be his first BH! I love my job. Here’s a short description of what EH-Net member, caissyd, will get to enjoy:

Black Hat USA is the most intensely technical and relevant global information security event in the world, encouraging collaboration between academia, leaders in the public and private sectors, and world-class researchers. Nowhere else in the world will you experience the same caliber of conversations and continuing education, within a strictly vendor-neutral and friendly environment. Each year, the brightest minds in security come together in Las Vegas for six days of learning, networking and high-intensity skills building. Back for its 16th year, the Black Hat USA Briefings and Trainings will take place July 27-August 1, 2013.

Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; spread the word of EH-Net to your social networks; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

Only members are eligible!
Registration Is FREE!

As always, we appreciate those who help spread the word of EH-Net and our sponsor this month, Black Hat USA 2013. For doing some of the heavy lifting for us, we believe in giving back. This is why we do our best to give top contributors prizes on a monthly basis. It’s our little way of saying thanks to giving back to the community that gave so much to us.



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