June 2010 Free Giveaway Winner – Black Hat USA

We Have a Winner… and a Hero!!

bh-logo2_sm.pngAt stake this month was one Conference pass for the BlackHat Briefings (July 28 – 29) worth $1995, and the consensus pick by the members was sil. He couldn’t make the event and suggested dynamik, who also couldn’t make it. So I went with long-time EH-Netter, Ketchup. Congrats and thanks for the support over the years. You deserve the free ticket to the Black Hat 2010 Briefings worth almost $2K!!

And now for an extra special shoutout for someone who exemplifies the exact type of member we cherish here on EH-Net. When building a community, one can only hope for active members to possess a positive attitude, willingness to help others and give back to the community that gave so much to all of us. EH-Net member, rvs, in simply trying to spread the word, retweeted an offer for SensePost training at BH. He won and was offered to attend any of their courses at BlackHat for free (worth up to $2700). He could not attend, and, instead of letting it go, selflessly offered it up to the winner of the EH-Net BH Giveaway. SensePost agreed and now Ketchup is getting his butt kicked ‘a little’ by Hacking by Numbers: Combat Edition. Since what goes around comes around, we’ll be on the lookout for something that rvs can use, and offer it to him gladly.

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