July 2012 Free Giveaway Winner of Hacking Dojo Training

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hacking_dojo.jpgPen testing professional, author and instructor, Thomas Wilhelm, has been with EH-Net for some time now. Last year he generously offered up a full one-year subscription to the Hacking Dojo. This year, he doubles the fun. If you’ve ever done martial arts and experienced learning in a dojo, then you’re familiar with a teaching style that has succeeded for centuries. Thomas Wilhelm continues to bring this method to the security industry:

"The Hacking Dojo provides students with a long-term training and support system, with readily-available access to instructors. Students attend regularly-scheduled online meetings with their instructor, who teaches hacking concepts relative to students’ skill level. When the students demonstrate proficiency in a set of skills, they are moved onto more difficult challenges and instruction."

So this time around, we now have 2 spots to offer to top contributors to EH-Net, with each winner getting a full year of training in the dojo with one of the industry’s most respected names. And the 2 winners this month are EH-Net veteran, Andrew Waite, and newcomer, Cyber.spirit. Congrats and happy learning. Keep us posted on your progress.

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