July 2011 Free Giveaway Sponsor – Sequrit

Win 3 Workshop Class Seats = $7500!

Sequrit-Logo.pngWayne Burke, pen tester, instructor and CSO of Sequrit CSi along with the cooperation of EC-Council CAST, has put together the largest prize yet to be offered to EH-Net’s top contributors for our Free Monthly Giveaways. Not only has he offered up a seat in Sequrit’s 3-day security course, Digital Mobile Forensics Deep Dive, but also seats in 2 other 3-day courses being offered during the 4-day CAST Summit in Bethesda, MD from August 22 – 24.

"Digital Mobile Forensics Deep Dive: This three-day highly advanced and technical course provides students with the knowledge and real world hands-on practical skills for performing Mobile Forensic Investigations. The course is based on vendor neutral Digital Forensic principals, with focus on Apple OS, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and an array of other mobile devices and operating systems.

Attendees get to choose from a suite of workshops which are highly technical and advanced, covering current and important security topics such as penetration testing (Joe McCray), mobile forensics (Wayne Burke), cryptography (Chuck Statton), network defense (Kevin Cardwell), and application security (Tim Pierson). The event concludes with a one-day security training seminar that will have a few mini-lectures, and allows for participants to actually learn, and not just listen or be rushed through a short presentation like how it’s like in many other events or conference."

I know with all of the action in the forums this year, we’ll have no problem finding 3 worthy attendees to make thier way to Bethesda in August. So help spread the word of EH-Net, lend a hand in our forums, submit some articles… there are plenty of ways to make your mark. Let’s get to it!!

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