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EH-Net member Kev has been chosen as the clear winner. As part of giving back to the IT community through interaction and education, we choose the winners based on that philosophy. Kev exemplified that in short order. Take this as an example of someone who only became a member in June, and now Aug 1, he has won the Mile2 IT Security Training giveaway. This program is a highly technical one that concentrates on the up and coming exciting field of forensics. With a little time and effort put in by Kev to share his thoughts and experiences with our readers, he can now attend a Computer Forensics Training Boot Camp at almost any of Mile2's facilities globally worth $3000 (Prizes included the seat and curriculum only. No travel, food hotel etc.).

Gentle Reminder: If you don't participate on this site or CSP Mag, you have NO hope of winning.

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