January 2008 Free Giveaway – Winners!

We Have Winners!!

bhcircle2.gifThe two winners this month (yes… I begged for a second ticket) started out just like most of you, members of EH-Net. Their participation and support has grown over the years, and I'm proud to see their visibility stretch beyond "our thing we got goin' here." So congrats to EH-Net columnists Chris Gates and Brian Wilson. You get to attend Black Hat DC on us. Of course the difference is I get to ask them to report on it for all of you. Hope you enjoy the Washington, DC version of the world's premier technical event for ICT security experts is being held February 18 – 21, 2008. Featuring hands-on training courses and Briefings presentations with lots of new content-including a focus on wireless security and offensive attack analysis. Network with 400+ delegates and review products from leading vendors in a relaxed setting, including Diamond sponsor Microsoft. Congrats on winning the 2 Passport Admission Tickets worth a total of $3200.

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We'd also like to thank Black Hat for continuing to support our own security event, ChicagoCon. Our Spring 2008 event will be held May 12 – 18, 2008. They are a rare organization indeed and deserve our full support.

Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

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