Feb 2010 Free Giveaway Sponsor – Syngress Publishing

2 Winners Get Next 5 Released Books!

syngress-160.jpgSyngress Publishing has been a long supporter of the professional hacking segment of the industry. 2010 shows no sign that they are stopping. In their continued support of EH-Net, they have graciously offered up copies of their next 5 releases to not just one lucky winner but 2!! Starting with the release of Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition by Jayson E. Street and Kent Nabors, the 2 winning EH-Net members will each be put on the list of those to automatically receive copies of the new releases immediately upon becoming available. What a great way to increase the volumes in your technical library with the latest and greatest tomes from topic areas like Certification, Digital Forensics, Hacking & Penetration Testing and more. Good luck to all EH-Net Members.

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