Feb 2009 Free Giveaway Winner – Offensive Security

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Don’t let the economic woes prevent you from getting the top notch training you need. Inexpensive and highly recommended offerings from Offensive Security, the people behind BackTrack, are up for grabs. We have 2 prizes this month with a total value of $1750. I chose the winners based not only on number of posts but also by number of new threads started. This is also cumulative, so this month alone was not the determining factor. I usually don’t explain how I choose the winners, but this month had a great jump in participation. So thanks everyone. If you didn’t win, don’t fret. Our eyes are on you for upcoming prizes, so keep up the good work. The top winner, sgt_mjc will receive the best Offensive Security 101 Package Deal (Offsec 101 Course, 60 days of lab accesa & a certification try for OSCP) as well as the BackTrack WiFu Package Deal (Course and cert try for OSWP). Remember to discuss this cert in the OSWP Board. Our lucky second winner, Jhaddix, will receive the Offensive Security 101 v2 Package only. Congrats and thanks.

Keep an eye out for "Cracking the Perimiter" (previously known as "BackTrack to the Max") in an online version coming to screens near you later in 2009!!

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