EH-Net Presents BackTrack 2 with Metasploit 3 as a Virtual Appliance

Learn BackTrack Inside & Out
Directly from Mati at ChicagoCon 2008s

bt2_dragon_small.jpgThe Ethical Hacker Network (EH-Net) proudly releases the only Official Version of BackTrack 2 that not only adds Metasploit 3 to the toolset but is also packaged as a VMware Virtual Appliance. Here are just a few of the features added by the projects lead developer, Mati Aharoni, specifically for the EH-Net Community:

  • Metasploit updated to latest svn, all dependencies upgraded
  • Added fabs patches for msfgui
  • Aircrack-ng updated to 1.0 svn, all dependencies upgraded
  • Tcpdump patched (security fix)
  • Firefox updated to latest
  • Firefox links, favorites and home page
  • A few more lib fixes for old nasties in BT2 final

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For those of you who are not familiar with BackTrack, here’s a brief description directly from the project’s web site,

BackTrack is the result of merging the two innovative penetration testing live linux distributions Auditor and Whax. Backtrack provides a thorough pentesting environment which is bootable via CD, USB or the network (PXE). The tools are arranged in an intuitive manner, and cover most of the attack vectors. Complex environments are simplified, such as automatic Kismet configuration, one click Snort setup, precompiled Metasploit lorcon modules, etc. BackTrack has been dubbed the #1 Security Live CD by, and #32 overall.


Startup Screen

Flux Version of BT2 for a lean, fast pen testing environment.

Startup Splash Screen

Plain desktop screenshot of EH-Net’s version of BT2.

Desktop with Konsole window.

Categories of tools provided by BackTrack 2.


Download Locations for the EH-Net/BT2 VM:

File size = 860 MB. Additional mirrors coming. Feel free to spread these files. PM me directly if you can provide a mirror, torrent server, or any other method of spreading the wealth.

NOTE: Please change the filename to "ehnet_bt2_vm.7z" before unpacking.


eDonkey Network
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md5: 9D30FECD89BDA7F64099C8DAD6CF1190
sha1: 0C221E731FCEC68494D3121CF806BAD10CB42A78

Compression Software = 7-zip

We chose to push a new compression program named 7-zip. We did this for two main reasons. First of all, the compression ratios were better than any other tool including rar. But the other reason should be clearly understood by the members of our community. 7-Zip is open source under the GNU LGPL license. For these 2 reasons, I feel this project could use our support.

Get the software here:

Free VMware Products

VMware Player
VMware Server

Now go out there and learn something 😉 

Being the "Ethical" Hacker Network, it is our sincere hope that you use this distro for good. Be sure to use caution when using the tools contained in this distro either in a virtual lab or in an environment in which you have written permission to do so.

Please report to us and the team at any problems, and be sure to express your desires for additional features. We also hope that you use this tool as a foundation for learning. We did the hard part, now it’s your turn. So be our guest in modifying this Virtual Appliance to meet your needs.


Donald C. Donzal

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