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newspaper.jpgAs a courtesy to our members, we try to keep you informed of some of the more interesting items that have been published in our online magazine by sending out an electronic newsletter by email. But not everyone interested in our content is a member. For that reason, we have decided to also publish the newsletter in article format for all to see. Each EH-Net newsletter features the major articles of the past month such as our Free Monthly Giveaways, reviews of books, courses and products as well as other newsworthy items. The newsletters also includes updates on our Hacking Challenges in "Skillz Scoop," some links to interesting or eye-catching discussions including job postings in "Hot on the Forum," and a listing of security related conferences happening in the near future from the EH-Net Global Calendar in "Upcoming Events." We also try to keep you up-to-date as to what is coming down the pike in "Stay Tuned." We have made changed and additions based on reader feedback, so keep them coming. Some suggestions include sections for "Tool of the Month" and a "Member Spotlight." Let us know what you think of these and any other ideas you might have.

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