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checkflagAs some of you know, we have a number of ideas cooking that will be officially announced soon with details. For now, you know that we're planning our own security conference named ChicagoCon. We have also partnered with the guys from Remote-Exploit and Offensive Security, makers of our favorite live Linux distro BackTrack2, to offer a custom EH-Net version of BT2.

I personally posted a background for EH-Net that met with lukewarm results. I put my fragile ego aside Sealed and decided to take the advice of the community and have a design contest for not only a new background but also a logo for EH-Net's BT2.

Mati Aharoni of Offensive Security and I will personally review the entries and pick the top 3. We'll then put it to a vote of EH-Net members. The winner will be featured on EH-Net and copies of the bootable customized linux distro will be available for download as well as handed out to each attendee of ChicagoCon.

Design Contest Details 

So here's the deal… we need a "Great" splash screen logo and even better desktop background to be featured on EH-Net's version of BT2. EH-Net's typeface is arial italicized with the fill color the same as the background with a drop shadow to give the logo a clandestine feel. Use it, don't use, come up with something new, but most of all be creative. Start off with a logo no larger than 300 x 300 and a bg at 1024 x 768 and email the jpg files no bigger than a combined size of 250K to:

Tentative deadline is April 30, 2007 depending on number of entries and response from the participants. 

May the best designer win, and their name live forever! OK… that's a little much, but we think you get the idea.

Good luck,

Not So Small Print: EH-Net will retain the rights of the winning design and original files (IE: Photoshop) will be requested.

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