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Active ImageWe have an unwritten rule that columnists are not eligible for the Free Monthly Giveaways, but no columnist and for that matter no member save 1 has given to the EH-Net community more than Chris Gates. For that reason I am bending the rules, and deservedly so, to reward him with The SANS Institute offers On Demand package. Chris will not only get 6 months of access but also a voucher for a free certification exam for the 1 course of his choice:

  • SECURITY 401: SANS Security Essentials taught by Eric Cole (Course and Exam = $3295)
  • SECURITY 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling taught by our very own Ed Skoudis (Course and Exam = $3195)
Congrats & Happy New Year!!

Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest (hint hint – new threads get more attention); share thoughts and experiences with the community; help a newbie with a problem or their career… quality is more important than quantity.

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