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daemon_duttoncover.jpgDaemon by Daniel Suarez (former pen name Leinad Zeraus) is not only a self-publishing success story but also a work that has been endorsed by hackers the world over. Read the EH-Net review and the first four chapters in their entirety. Due to the success of this electronic grassroots movement, Daemon has been acquired by the Dutton imprint of Penguin books. Dutton plans on publishing a new edition of Daemon in hard cover that will be highly promoted and includes new material. Part of that marketing agreement means that Verdugo Press can no longer sell the first edition. As luck may have it, EH-Net had 20 copies which went to 20 lucky attendees of ChicagoCon 2008f who received their free copies of what is now a collectible.

We are proud to have been part of the Verdugo circle of friends and their continued support of us in return. Dutton is also very excited about having the EH-Net Community involved in not only the new edition of Daemon but also the upcoming sequel, FreedomTM.  Many of you know that ChicagoCon’s catch phrase is, “White Hats Come Together in Defense of the Digital Frontier.” In addition to having Mr. Suarez to thank for that handy bit of literary brilliance, he will also have a part in the contest itself. At stake are signed, pre-released copies of the new hardcover Edition of Daemon.

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Ready, Set… Hack!!

Details are simple. Go to the About the Author page on the Official Daemon Site, and there is a picture of Daniel Suarez. The puzzle is contained on this page. That is all the information you’ll need except for one clue which is contained in the text of the book itself. While it may now be difficult to find copies of this book (Best price on Amazon is $85), all are welcome to participate. Team play is highly encouraged. 

You will have the rest of November to hand in your answers. The way in which you submit your entry will be revealed in the puzzle itself. Here is a slight change from the original plan. To encourage participation throughout the entire month, 3 of the winning entries will be chosen randomly and will be declared the winners. In early December we will publish step-by-step tutorials on how to solve the riddle by one of our newest writers, Ryan Linn. Starting with a list of the tools you will need and how to get them, Ryan will continue with clear instructions and explain the ins and outs along the way. Should be fun, educational and rewarding.

Good luck,

Donald C. Donzal
The Ethical Hacker Network

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