August 2009 Free Giveaway Sponsor – IronKey

ironkey.jpgIronKeys for the Masses!!

Here’s a good one. We scored 20 USB Drives from our friends at IronKey and plan to give out each and every one of them. All 4GB drives will be awarded to the top EH-Net Forum Contributors. In order to give away 20 devices and still make it so someone deserving wins, we have to break from tradition. This is a great opportunity to reward those who have been top contributors for years as well as those who are just getting their start. So what we’ve decided is to simply award a 4GB IronKey to the Top 20 Posters in our Forums. Yes that means we will have repeat winners, but they deserve it.

Be sure to check out the new IronKey S200, the World’s Most Physically and Cryptographically Secure USB Flash Drive!

Granted the Top 10 are pretty much decided, but there is also plenty of room for newcomers to get one as well. To try to make it even more fair (since we got a late start), we are going to extend the deadline. So instead of this Free Monthly Giveaway ending at the close of August, we are going to extend it until Friday the 18th of Sept. At midnight CDT, I will grab the Top 20 List, and that’s who wins. If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen by the number of new threads started. So start posting!!

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Active Image

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