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| September 18, 2012

Thanks for Joining Our List!

The Ethical Hacker Network (EH-Net) is a free online magazine for security professionals. We are here not only to help the good guys learn what the bad guys know in order to help secure your own systems, but we also strive to help those desiring to enter, advance and maintain their careers in the many aspects of ethical hacking from network & webapp penetration testing to forensics, incident response to reverse engineering, project management to social engineering… If you want to hack for a living, we’ll help you get there.

You’ve just joined a list that allows you to receive:

– Our monthly newsletter with recent content from the magazine
– Special deals and discounts just for EH-Netters
– News of kewl projects and events by those in the industry that may help your education and career

We promise to:

– Keep the information relevant to ethical hacking.
NOT sell your email address or this list (in part or in its entirety) to anyone at any time.
NOT send more than 5 messages (combining both newsletters and deals for EH-Netters) in a given month.

The EH-Net Team

A Few More Details…

We are starting something new here on EH-Net. We used to send email messages to all members of EH-Net regardless of number of posts, last time online or when someone registered. This has served us well in the past, but as we grow as an organization, we also need to maintain a list that doesn’t flag us as spammers.

Here’s a few examples:

– It’s come to our attention that a number of people who registered years ago, forgot that they registered. Even though we still have them in our database of members and their email address is still valid, they think we’re spamming them.
– Older members have moved on to new jobs and thus have new email addresses or have simply abandoned the email addresses we have on file. Eventually, spammers grab a hold of old, dorment email addresses that haven’t been used but are still around, and they use them illicitly.
– There are many people who make a living in the SEO industry that create dummy accounts on sites with lots of traffic.

With this in mind, we can no longer simply use our current way of sending newsletters and special offers to EH-Netters, so we have made the jump to a third party organization that will help with things like:

– Better opt-in and opt-out procedures.
– Help EH-Net maintain ethical practices.
– Signing up those who’d like to recieve these items regardless of whether they’re full members or not.
– Makes it easier for us to do both an HTML and Text Only version (That’s for you, Todd).

Membership Still Pays

Although we can now start to spread the word of new content on EH-Net and special discounts to non-members, being a full member on EH-Net still has its advantages. Members are still the only ones that can:

– Participate in the forums and get their questions answered as well as give back to the security community.
– Communicate directly with other members.
– WIN the Free Monthly Giveaways!!

Getting on the Email List

Even if you are a current member of EH-Net in good standing, it does not guarantee that you will get our newsletter and our special deals for EH-Netters. Please use the form coming soon to be located just under the social networking icons on top of the left column of the site. If you’re already on the list, don’t worry as you won’t be mailed twice.


Let’s be open and talk like adults. Advertising pays the bills and keeps EH-Net free. The newsletter is an informative piece with recent articles, news on the giveaways, a quick glance at our Global Calendar of Hacking Conferences and more. But in order for EH-Net to remain not only a free site but also with all of the content freely available, we rely on our advertisers. There are 2 ads in the newsletter and the offers are usually paid for by our sponsors. For misc. email blasts, I always try to get either discounts or promote items that will help EH-Netters. So please sign-up for our email list. If there’s something you don’t like, just don’t open it.

If you have any other questions pleasae don’t hesitate to ask,

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