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The Need

It is imperative to reach out to the legions of security professionals who are passionate about their chosen field. Those who work in the IT world are known to be generous with their time not only keeping up with the latest technology but also sharing their experiences with other like-minded individuals. Creating an advertising campaign on The Ethical Hacker Network will allow you to tap into that highly targeted and interactive audience.

Achieving Your Goals

We believe in not overwhelming our readers. Too much advertising makes all clients messages get lost in a sea of words and images. For this reason, EH-Net offers only a few options with limited slots per type. 

Rotating Banner Advertising

We only accept 10 paying clients. This maximizes exposure and ROI by guaranteeing a minimum number of impressions. With a baseline of 1,000,000 hits and 2 banners on each page, you will be randomly rotated in both positions for 200,000 impressions per month at a cost of only $500. NOTE: We have maintained at least 1,000,000 page views per month for the last 2 years and continue to grow. That just means more impressions for you at no additional charge.

Static Advertising

Vertical banner ads that appear on every page view such as the CBT Nuggets banner on the right or the B&N Banner of the left. Since this type of banner is always in the same place, seen on every single page (even the forums), and includes a Google searchable text line, this is a premium offering on our site. Pricing starts at $2000 depending on height placement and size. Clearly the higher on the page the more desireable.

Newsletter Sponsorship

We send out a newsletter to our membership of 40,000+ at least once a month but no more than five. We have a banner at the top of the newsletter for the sponsor of that given email blast. Newsletters consistently get a higher click-through rate. Pricing starts at $1000 per blast for sponsorships and $2000 per month for dedicated blasts.


Webcasts are a great way to get qualified leads. EH-Net can either produce a webcast for you in a turn-key situation with lead guarantees or you can utilize our community in order to get the word out about your own webcasts. We can even do a combination of the two. Please contact us using the information below for pricing.

Section Sponsorship

Here’s a chance to guarantee that your name gets in front of the most highly viewed areas of EH-Net. You may sponsor any section or article within that section that you desire. The most visited sections are:

Custom Campaigns

Advertising brainstorms are available including participation in our “Free Monthly Giveaways” as well as package deals with our other properties including ChicagoCon Security Training & Ethical Hacking Conference. We can even do embedded ads inside a specific article. We’re open to your ideas.

Demographic Watch

The Ethical Hacker Network receives over 20,000,000 page views annually from a highly technical audience adept at securing Windows platforms, and, more often than not, Linux environments. EH-Net’s audience is mostly male with a mix of domestic and international readers made up mostly of developers, network administrators, penetration testers and security professionals. On average, 75% of our unique visits are new with 25% returning visitors. EH-Net is in the Top 1% of all visited sites on the net according to trusted 3rd party ranking sites. Technorati ranks us at 49,296. has us with a worldwide rank of 96,061.

Of our visitors, 76.13% are new with 23.87% returning, over 75% of all visitors are English speaking, and 34% of our traffic comes from the United States.

We also have great search engine rankings with 1st page results for the terms "ethical hacker," "ethical hacking" and "wireless hacking" as well as top listings for most security conferences thanks to our popular Global Calendar of Events. We also have automated submissions which allow our pages to be crawled very quickly. We’ve even seen articles and forum posts get listed on Google in as little as 3 minutes.

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