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Google Hacking: Ten Simple Security Searches That Work

| February 26, 2006

Google has become the de facto standard in the search arena. It’s easy, quick and powerful. For those same reasons that the general user has gravitated to Google, so have the hackers. And as we all know, if the hackers do Google Hacking, the security professionals need to utilize it as well. And it doesn’t hurt to have Johnny Long (with help from Ed Skoudis) showing you the ropes. Enjoy this highly informative book. We did!

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Anatomy of a Hack

| October 14, 2005

A smaller version of this chapter was originally published as an article in TechNet Magazine to rave reviews. It has been expanded into an entire chapter for “Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data” by Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley and presented to you by EH-Net and Addison-Wesley. Hope you enjoy Anatomy of a Hack as much as we do.

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