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    When does a person have too many certs?

    • When does a person have enough certs?

      • Correct, an example being, when should a person stop focusing on certs and focus more on project based work? Certs are great but they can take a lot of maintenance, I know several people that now have long complicated spreadsheets just to keep track of all the continuing education credits they need for the 20+ certs they have. I guess part of my question is, is there a point where having too many certs also just overqualifies you and makes you lose the job?

        • Hi Brandon,
          Thanks for the reply. I only have one cert: CISSP. I plan on getting others as I finish up my Masters Degree in Cybersecurity. I know of people who have let certs lag as they no longer use them. I am a lawyer, and have maintained an inactive status, so I do not need to do continuing education unless I become active again. I know one CISO who has let his CISSP expire and states on his resume the years it was active and his willingness to retest if necessary. I am a teacher, and got into cybersecurity in part to maintain my teacher certification. As I said, context matters.
          As for too many certs, I listened to Don’s initial re-launch podcast with Rafal Los at and he made a good point about overqualification and mobility in the industry. I will not try to paraphrase it but suggest you listen to the podcast.
          Finally, you only need to list or maintain certs that are helpful for a particular point in your career. There is not need to list a cert that will limit opportunities or mislead about the current direction of your career. I have heard recruiters say employers are primarily concerned with the past three years of a career.

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