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      @MrAgent wrote:

      Full compromise on 4/5 servers and limited shell on the 5th.
      Just awaiting my confirmation email saying I passed (hopefully).

      Amazing! Awesome!

      Do share some insights πŸ™‚

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      @MrAgent wrote:

      I am re-taking the exam on Saturday.

      All the best!
      Let us know how it went! πŸ™‚


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      @MrAgent wrote:

      I am doing a retake this Saturday the 21st as well.

      Are you taking the exam or starting the labs again? – Anyways Good Luck for whichever it is!

      On a seperate note for others reading this thread and planning for OSCP, I did find the VMs from https://www.vulnhub.com/ pretty cool when trying out some of the stuff in the training materials.

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      @triznut wrote:

      Good Luck to you as well. I hangout in the Offsec IRC under this handle. How about you? It would be nice to collaborate a little bit.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      I am using the same name here for the IRC; will ping you if I see you online.


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      Hey Zeebee, I too am starting my 2nd attempt at preparing for the exam in the course labs on 02/21. It’s been about 3 years from my 1st attempt with course. I have kept all my old notes and try to keep up my skills in my own labs and at work. I’ll look for you in the IRC. It’s nice to have others tackling it to bounce ideas off of. I like your strategy above to get back into the groove. Hit me up anytime.

      Welcome triznut!

      To me the notes from my last attempt are a stark reminder that I need to improve, a lot πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      For the current attempt, my first pass with the videos + reading of the PDF should complete early next week (fingers crossed)
      I am still sloppy on the BOF but trying to practice in my lab as much as possible – hopefully the labs will help hammer in the missing pieces.

      Also, I would highly recommend that at the very least you get comfortable porting other peoples code right away, as I believe it’ll make a big difference, but still keep learning more for writing your own.

      Cannot agree more! Trying hard πŸ™‚

      Also, I am working on the enumeration scripts….

      This is going to be fun over next couple of months!!

      Welcome again and Good luck!!!

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      Absolutely nothing in the labs with Metasploit, and still do well? Certainly possible! The key being your comfort with other areas, like exploit modification / development. If you’re comfortable writing exploits or porting someone else’s code, you don’t need MSF at all

      Thanks for the perspective!
      While as of now I am absolutely nowhere near “comfortable” with writing/porting exploits on my own and WILL need MSF for this training/cert but I think its a worthy goal (to do it without MSF) to work towards….on it πŸ™‚


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      I am working on that part too – its taking longer than I initially planned and I am not even in the Linux world. But I think that any time spent on this segment will be worth every second later.

      PenTest Jedis who have taken this training – Even though I totally understand the amazing power that Metasploit brings to the table, is it possible to not use Metasploit at all for *anything* in the labs and still do well?

      Happy learning πŸ™‚

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      Congratulations rockman!
      Your experience (and that you shared it with the community) is of extreme value for someone like me who is pursuing the second attempt at OSCP πŸ™‚


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      Hello Kunal – Welcome to this forum!
      I am also quite new here. I have spent almost a decade in IT and do find this forum extremely helpful!
      Coming to your email…
      First you need to be sure that InfoSec is your area of interest.
      From your email I am not sure I understand what motivates you to think about pursuing a chain of certifications in security.
      Can you please let us know what end result you are targeting?


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      @impelse wrote:

      Fist you can use virtual box for the virtual machines and for the targets you can download a lot from:


      I download only one image and I have full my plate only with XXS, also you can use:


      You get a lot with those sites.

      Thanks impelse!
      I will check these sites.

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      Keep going r0ckm4n! It was very motivational to see that you learned from the failed attempts and got better.
      I am trying too πŸ™‚
      I failed my first attempt at OSCP and in a bad wayΒ  :-[ :'( (As many OSCP reviews mentioned I too contemplated a different career in the middle of my exam :P)
      Going back to the basics for a re-attempt before Oct 2013…
      Keep posting!

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