• yatz replied to the topic What now ?? in the forum Career Central 9 years, 7 months ago

    Really sorry to hear that.  I actually had a similar experience a number of years ago.  I had the opportunity to work for a friend of the family, everything was set, the interview was more a formality, but afterward the friend had a discussion with the guy that interviewed me and the guy essentially told him that I didn’t know anything, wasn’t w…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone!

    @ajohnson wrote:

    What’s next? 😉

    I actually needed to get CEH done quickly as now I need to study for CCNP.  I will be attending Cisco Live in June and I’ll need to be ready to take the ROUTE exam by then.  Not sure if it’s too aggressive to try for CCNP by the end of the year, maybe ROUTE and SWITCH this year and then TSHOOT e…[Read more]

  • One thing to add that I discovered later on – By default, the packets are truncated at 68 bytes (anyone know why 68 is the default???).

    To increase this and get full packets, use the following command:
    monitor capture buffer CAP_BUFFER max-size 1500

  • For good measure, CEH material has gotten a LOT better over the past couple revisions.  I thought version 7 was pretty good in terms of proofreading and slimming down the number of tools *actually* used.  That said, there are still a lot of tools.

    CEH is a good introduction to a security career, but as DragonGorge says it’s certainly not the e…[Read more]

  • Thanks, but actually the point here is that I can’t get into the OS.  The phone is stuck in a boot loop.  I even flashed a new OS on there and the new OS boot loops as well.  Clockworkmod is the recovery partition, which I can get into, but I seem to be unable to mount internal storage.  Hence my problem…

  • 2011 I got through CCNA, which was the big work-related one, then I had CEH on my plate but got distracted by a college class that took more time than I’d have liked. 

    In 2012 I plan on working on CEH over the next month or so, then starting up CCNP next summer, hopefully taking ROUTE or SWITCH by Cisco Live in June.

  • I did try to mount the device through clockworkmod.  Booted, mounts and storage, mount USB storage.  All I am given is the SD card, not internal storage.

    Were you given internal storage when mounting from clockworkmod?  That could give insight into the nature of the problem…

  • Nobody has experience hacking Android?  There’s got to be something out there.

  • @Eleven wrote:

    It’s not just that the door is open (no security) it’s that the AP was configured to offer its services.

    This is the source of confusion.  It’s not only the AP services that are being accessed, it’s the internet service that is being paid for by the owner that are being accessed.  Let’s consider them separately.

    1. Access to i…[Read more]

  • @Eleven wrote:

    ultimately the hardware manufacturers are responsible for creating this mess.  That we can agree on. 🙂

    I don’t know about this.  The past few routers I’ve configured do a very good job of making strong suggestions to the user that secure is better, namely in these routers I would have had to jump through hoops and multiple w…[Read more]

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    In my case there are humans, but they don’t have access to the configuration settings, nor would they have the expertise.  I will continue to think about it, otherwise we’ll just have to wait for some one to be in the area.

    Thanks cd1zz and l33t5h@rk!!

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    As you can probably tell, it really irks me that such a simple thing is getting in my way.  I keep telling myself there MUST BE A WAY.  It’s just networking.  I have Cisco IOS, I have admin credentials for the box at the other end, just no way to get a TCP connection because return traffic is being dropped.

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    Yeah, thanks for the suggestions but you are right.  If only there were a way to invoke WSH or WMI from the router… ugh.

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    Other things I’ve thought of:

    There is somewhat of a port of netcat for IOS called IOScat, though it has limited functionality and even still it would be the same as port forwarding.

    No return traffic rules out TCP, but UDP should work?  Maybe there’s an exploit that can use entirely UDP, sort of like blind sql injection but with packets,…[Read more]

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    No ssh or telnet, but windows file sharing is on.  I was thinking port forwarding, but i think the problem with the gateway still persists since the source addr is not changed, or am I wrong?

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    There is only one box, so, correct.

  • yatz replied to the topic Set gateway from router in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    No worries, consider this to be a generic remote office setup.  Windows XP box sitting behind a Cisco router, running the most up to date Cisco IOS 15.X.  Users use the system locally as a standalone box.  VPN is for remote training, troubleshooting, administration, updates, etc.  In this case the installer forgot to set that one little set…[Read more]

  • I drive about 1 – 1.5 hours each day, and I listen to a LOTTTTTT of audiobooks.  Plus TWiT if I’m between books.

  • yatz replied to the topic CCNA Advice in the forum Networking 10 years ago

    It looks like you have a lot of answers here, but I’ll have a go as well.

    I have very recent experience as a Cisco network engineer.  I took the CCNA 802 exam in 2006, it expired, and I just passed the two ICND exams this year (ICND2 passed about 2 months ago).

    If your purpose is to work with Cisco long term, do the 2 exams.
    If you just want…
    [Read more]

  • yatz replied to the topic Links to EH.Net in the forum Other 10 years, 1 month ago

    I saw this last week some time, got as far as creating a new Topic here on EH-Net, and then closed it, thinking it didn’t deserve the extra attention.

    LOL @ hacking that site though, that’s pretty funny, not unexpected.

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