• Hey Sil,

    As you mentioned below, people has been asking Larry to do CEH for a while.  2011 will be all about CEH for Larry Greenblatt.  He is team-up with Secure Ninja training company to deliver his EC-Council CEH course with his own Cyber Kung Fu twist since CEH is now part of the 8570 for CND.

    His CEH class  named “Cyber Sparring” is un…[Read more]

  • I work with Larry Greenblatt and came across this posting. 

    I know that Larry was affected financially also when Vigilar shut Intense suddenly over the holidays.  Instead of getting all pissed off about Intense, he was more concerned about the January CISSP students that were supposed to his CISSP class through Intense.  He actually donated hi…[Read more]

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