Started as an employee and later I became a director of a company. It’s been my life, it’s what I love. Every evening at the moment when my work is over I spend with my 3 beautiful daughters, I take them to the park or park them in front of the television, to see how many minutes they can go before I jump and join them. And then, of course, a family dinner, a long chat, relaxing and putting them to sleep.And then I became the creator of PinkHobbies.it in October 2013.You just told me that you live in Milan. What makes this city so special for you?Milan is one of the most important and historic cities of Europe and the whole world. I am more than happy to be in this wonderful city, which continues to attract all kinds of creative people from all over the world.Where do you go to get inspiration?Milan is an absolute must visit city for every photographer.The interview for the job of a photographic artist that is offered by my future husband, became my first professional experience. I am now working on my own as the owner of the creative company Photo Art In My Body . I make all the images in my smartphone camera. The images are the result of my photo shoots and my own. Photography is a very important part of my life.I graduated in the Russian department of the Academy of Arts of the Federal TV and Radio company.

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May 4, 1997

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