• vp75 replied to the topic DHCP Lease time in the forum OS 8 years, 9 months ago

    thanks for your pointers.
    Atlast, things got settled now. I have got working version of lab without any issues…After setting as Hostonly, I got the better picture.
    Also came across config setting in metasploitable website, which gave a very good idea of what I have to do…


  • vp75 replied to the topic DHCP Lease time in the forum OS 8 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Dynamik & HDCautism,

    Thanks for your suggestion,

    I’m not taking rude, advice well taken  🙂 Its all part of learning…. 🙂

    Certain things which I read thru in websites (Google is friend) are not crystal clear personally even after trying practically, during that time, I seek you guys help/clarification. As you said , sure I will get to…[Read more]

  • @MrTuxracer wrote:

    Hi xXxKrisxXx,

    I just enrolled for the eCPPT and started to study on it. The study material is quite good and organized and there are a lot of interesting new things in it. I do not have regrets about this purchase – looks like this gonna be much fun  🙂 It’s been the right decision to take the eCPPT before the OSCP!

    The CTP…

    [Read more]

  • vp75 replied to the topic DHCP Lease time in the forum OS 8 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Lorddicranius

    You hit the point exactly, I’m using the VM which receives set as bridged network. I believe it is getting thru my host (which is I was under the assumption I can define a static IP in virtualmachine and it will be assigned with staticip…Looks like it is not doing it…

    To further clarify, after…[Read more]

  • vp75 replied to the topic DHCP Lease time in the forum OS 8 years, 9 months ago

    HI dynamik
    thanks you mate, I did tried the static ip option. I have provided static ip as When I run dhclient eth0, you wont believe it, i’m getting a ip allocated as ??? 😮 Also    when it renews after n seconds, it is not assigning same ipaddress, it assigns the next increment (….strange…

    Here the p…[Read more]

  • vp75 replied to the topic DHCP Lease time in the forum OS 8 years, 9 months ago

    I agree it is very short and as it is vulnerable app, I would like to change the leasetime more than 3600, but the problem is even if I change it, It is not taking the value from dhcpd.conf file. Somewhere else it looks like picking a value? couldn’t find the entry for it…
    I have checked the Tcpipguide website and its leasetime/dhcp…[Read more]

  • vp75 replied to the topic Breaking In in the forum Opinions 8 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Dark_knight/cd1zz

    Wow, I’m working on this since the last quarter of the year during my appraisal with my employer. They are interested and given opportunity to learn (not from their pocket  ;)) atleast I got opportunity where I can show my passion on security/pen testing to move into Sec testing…

    I have joined couple of courses (out of my…[Read more]

  • vp75 replied to the topic DHCP Lease time in the forum OS 8 years, 9 months ago

    I remember going thru the same help while searched on google, my dhcp-client.conf file doesn’t have entry for default, but just max-lease-time as 3600.

    Not sure if anything else as a part of dhcp leasing, it updates as 1400seconds….

    I will try with defaul-lease time entry and see if it changes any behaviour.


  • Hello Guys,
    Wish you all a Very happy new year…
    Let your dreams come true (certifications and career).


  • I believe and remember, there are different level of service and based on that they provide report, it should be provided in terms & conditions when undertaken the work by outsourced company. But it doesn’t look fair not disclosing the information about vulnerability.
    Mgmt should take action……

  • Awaiting for the same if any discounts for EH.net community with OSCP..
    2011 – SWSE – joined for it, possibly will finish in first quarter of 2012
    2012 – OSCP (To learn in depth)
    2012 – SMFE
    2012 – followed by CEH/eCPPT (Optional, if I complete the above two)

    Jamie’s idea of CREST/TIGER interests me as its recognised in UK. But haven’t thought…[Read more]

  • Hi Jamie,
    I did had the same plan of course like pay as you go for three modules, but 5% news is new to me….I was hoping this would help me…anyway, got to finish the SWSE and then will think about OSCP…

  • I agree that (not) some companies , many or not aware of actual security testing of their website or network….Just as a formality they do it, They do it for auditing purpose and that’s it, not sure whether is there any action taken based on the report….

  • Hi ashish

    By the way, looks like they offer only exclusive program….! As such on Hacker academy menu, there is no posts or details available… Displays “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” May be they are about to update information…..!!! ???

    Good luck on  your new security analyst role…., i agree to sephstorm “there is no perfect…[Read more]

  • @Data_Raid wrote:

    Link to episode on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6_Ysj7f5sE

    Thanks for the link Data_Reid, Its an amazing interview…he is telling the real incident happened in a very interesting way…


  • Hi Jamie

    Thats very good link for person like me  :), already finished seeing two of videos, Since I installed BT5 around couple of months back, I was not sure at first, but slowly learned the basics & usage of it, still plenty of things in it, (Its like a ocean). I will subscribe to the videos…

    Thanks a lot…

    May be useful for others who…[Read more]

  • Good thing is BT5 has got Metaspolit & Armitage with it, so didnt had much trouble except to get latest MSF framework.

    I did tried to run on my De-ICE-1.100, its interesting as most of the things it is building up after each process (like after nmap scan, it build attack options etc…). Its good to for a person like me to understand & parallely…[Read more]

  • Hi all,

    Amazing, I just had a look at article, I believe it will be good for someone who needs an understanding & break into the field as Don pointed out.

    Cant wait till weekend  ;), I will check the first two videos tonite & i think might need to set up Metasploit in my lab…..By the way Metasploit Framework is available for only…[Read more]

  • Hi MaXe

    Thanks for your reply,

    I’m redy for hard work, just got TCPIP Illustrated which should also give a strong foundation in network area if needed rather just reading RFC’s …

    I have forwaded my request to my employer…. fingers crossed….though the training (bootcamp) is around dec2011, i hope i would get a chance of approval even if…[Read more]

  • Hi MaXe ,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I think i didnt clearly write in my topic, as you said I’m interested in either of the training 6+ certification, (just trying to push it thru my company for this training and have put forward both the courses, if they chose either of the one, I’m glad to take it) as i plan to do other by self study at later…[Read more]

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