• dynamik replied to the topic DerbyCon 3.0 in the forum Calendar Of Events 7 years, 1 month ago

    @Triban wrote:

    All booked up, heading in early for Corelan’s class.

    You are going to have a blast (bring Red Bull for Peter).

  • rattis replied to the topic I Need Money And Experience in the forum Other 9 years, 1 month ago

    @Triban wrote:

    For the OP (who probably went on his merry way after not getting the “easy money” answer)… Might want to focus on getting a networking gig, you got your CCNA so put that to use.  Work your way up the ladder.  Network Engineers make decent coin eventually and if you make you way further into the Cisco realm and obtain higher c…

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  • alucian replied to the topic Frustrations in the forum Other 9 years, 3 months ago

    @Triban wrote:

    Whoops, turned that into a venting session.  Sorry bout that.  Here’s my next question, why did they pay for training for your OSCP if they don’t want you to have the toolkit used to assess the network?  Do they plan on allowing you to perform regular pen tests?  Or did they have you take the training so you can be more aware of wha…

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  • @Triban wrote:

    Thanks Mallaigh.  I’ve worked with WSUS for a bit.  Found it to be useful half the time 😀  Mostly found that if there was an update to the updater, it would cause problems.  So one of the solutions we are implementing is a method to force updates using a management appliance. 

    Unfortunately the previous admins have left the AD i…

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