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Stephanie Ihezukwu has been working in the tech industry for a little over six years. She has a pretty diverse background at this point having worked in web hosting/server management for two years, worked in help desk for a year, currently working in security. Her ultimate goal? To have a successful career in the Cyber Security sector and eventually becoming a CISO. She will be documenting her attempts at achieving this goal, and listing what she is doing in order to get to where she wants to be. Follow her @StephandSec and check out her blog.

She is currently working on completing her Bachelor’s, being a delegate for Security Field Day 2, being a lead for the WISP DEFCON Scholars, chapter Lead for WoSEC Houston, co-hosting a weekly podcast and speaking at various conferences. In her spare time, she likes to read up on pop culture, watch trash TV, hang out with friends and loved ones, and talk tech with friends. She also loves to travel, and hope to one day adopt a dog.

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