• @cd1zz wrote:

    If you want it to be accessible from any IP, i would remove all those entries and replace it with then restart the service.

    Thank you..very much sir for your kind u said i removed the entries & replaced with for IP 2 & IP 3. it worked 100%..


  • @cd1zz wrote:

    Your problem is here:
    TCP              LISTENING       2516

    If you’re trying to access this box remotely, it wont work bound to

    You need to bind sql to or your actual IP.

    How do i bind it sir ? suggest any info..or link might be helpful, however in sql server configuration man…[Read more]

  • @cd1zz wrote:

    Check to see if sql (tcp 1433 by default) is bound to

    here is the info is it correct..?

    C:Documents and SettingsNavya mdas>netstat -ano

    Active Connections

      Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State          PID
      TCP                LISTENING      1152
      TCP    0…[Read more]

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