Can you learn math on your own?

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s not yet: learning math is like knowing English, history or geography: you have to immerse yourself in the subject, practice it, and get a good foundation for thought Let’s see, however, that mathematics is a little more difficult (which is easier said than done): we must not only visualize the problem with our mind map, but also find the appropriate methodological perspective.     

Mathematics cannot be with you!

Have you tried solving the Pythagorean equation using the Fermat-Wiles theorem Neither do we, because it’s useless. And it is for this reason that it is most normal that people are confused with this science: they confuse integers with relative numbers, cosines with tangents, etc. That is why it is important that, by studying mathematics on your own, you find a good method that clarifies the situation. and avoids confusion.       

On the other hand, do you have visual or auditory memory? Depending on your answer, in which you will find very effective methods that adapt to you for learning math quickly:  

  • If you have an auditory memory focus on repeating and reading content aloud.   
  • If you have visual memory use change maps containing all formulas.   

Think, working alone, you will need an iron will and indefatigable motivation to achieve your goals. Often times, motivation can be lost if the student is unable to understand something. And since the study is independent – where to look for help? You can find a tutor or you can ask for essay help from professionals. The main thing is to never stop and learn from your mistakes Remember that math is the intersection of several aspects:   

  • Excellent methodical work based on general knowledge (memorize tables by heart, memorize arithmetic rules, etc.)
  • A very flexible ability to understand and solve problems that appeals to the person’s logic and helps him use critical thinking.

You may be able to recognize the first of the books, but the second you will not achieve. Usually this second part is achieved through the teachings of a teacher mentor or mentor who will allow you to develop in this direction. Thus, you have the opportunity to study mathematics on your own, but subject to the following conditions:    

  • You will have to focus on the mnemonic rules (yes, even in math you will run into difficult words): many formulas are very similar, or you can even draw them, so don’t stop using this resource for learning. 
  • To study math you will have to use games on your mobile phone while traveling on the subway, at home with your tablet, while flying on an airplane … You can easily do math exercises anywhere.     
  • You will need to use all the tools that are at your disposal both free and paid: Mooc which you will find on the Internet (for example, or), an online calculator and a page with exercises for teaching mathematics. even faster.  

Self-study of mathematics is a very common method, but its effectiveness is not the best, since it requires a lot of effort from the student. Of course, he offers you freedom and your own organization that other methods do not have. And, of course, every student, whatever one may say, may need help. I am very glad that today it is very easy to find help. For example help from an assistant, we hope our guide helped you. 




February 2, 1991

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