• You are in lucky. You have an open minded DBA who supports security as a necessity. In my point of view you should start with small things, such as:
    – Login Errors correlated with network attackers;
    – Stablish a network flow of data and start to understand your network, backup routines and other jobs;
    – Try to associate badge systems with network…[Read more]

  • Hi there,
    to really go beyond, start thinking about create rules that can say something to your company. Something like: If you could generate incidents from diferent logs and prove a fraud by combining them, you are in the right path. But always keep in mind to be focused where your company does the money or loose the money.
    From there you can…[Read more]

  • Hello Sharabh,

    If I really understand your question, you are searching for papers to guide you in aspects of what steps should be taken to really know your security environment, your deficiencies and security posture.

    Take a look into…[Read more]

  • I worked w/ Novell’s Sentinel. It’s a great tool, very fast interface and you can set commom commands you migth use during your workday, but it’s very hard to get it up and running and also, you should have a specialized person to keep it running smooth.
    Also, you have to learn a new rule syntax to get your things done. Yep. it is proprietary…[Read more]

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