• Well i am not a

    Network Security Specialist
    Holding a Job
    or wat ever u could think of.

    I am just a student and a network security enthusiast who loves to play around with these tools , but at the same time be sure that i am not damaging others by doing so.
    I primariyl asked this question cuz i wanted to demostrate and learn the usage of…[Read more]

  • So apparently there is no way a person can be found precisely even if i get to know his IP ?
    i am astounded actually if thats true , cuz i have herd many news stories on how people have been traced ..
    Is there any tools from which i can figure out this ?

  • how can i potential trace back an IP , if i happen to know a particular IP (my frnds)
    i tried using the email headers , but  wat i observed was when a mail is sent from gmail to gmail . the google mail sever actually uses a virtual PVN and the client IP is replaced by the Google IP (or watever it technically stands for) .

    IS there any hacktool…[Read more]

  • @h0les wrote:

    If you have your research mate listed on a messenging application you may be able to find their ip by transfering a file over which in some instances doesn’t traverse the message providers network but does a direct peer to peer transfer. You would then be able to see the ip address whilst sniffing.

    i have listed the messenger in…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the info ,
    i also wanted to know that which programming language is best for socket programming ?
    Should i go for python or use a relatively lower level like C++ or C ?

  • i just saw this cyber ware thing , can any one enlighten me more about it .
    i guess this is the carrier i was waiting for.
    besides i would be glad if you could tell me the pre requites or skills to have to become a cyber warrior

  • Well for one thing i am sure , my field must be more like research field since i love to learn new everyday . i dont confine myself to network security or computer science for that matter , i also play guitar design wallpapers n stuff.. But for some reason i am mesmerized by this adventurous field especially when i watch movies like DIE HARD 4 or…[Read more]

  • Well to be a little specific . the work which i am interested in is like the scenario below:

    its like a company has some confidential data n stuff to be secured n all and i am the guy who tell them how and wat all resources to use to secure your data and keep it upto date , stuff like these n if someone tries to crack into the system , it would…[Read more]

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