• Pookie replied to the topic Noob Question in the forum General Certification 10 years ago

    @rabray wrote:

    Install linux on a laptop or your home system and get started.

    I have been using Ubuntu/Mint Linux as my primary OS(es) for almost 2 years but don’t feel like I truly know Linux since most of what I use is accessed through the graphical interface.  What commands and skills would you suggest I look into?  I was thinking of g…[Read more]

  • @rabray wrote:

    Depending on your experience of various other technologies.

    You may for instance want to start looking at:

    Network + or CCNA (if you need networking concepts understanding) type material.
    You should also be familiar with both linux and Windows OS
    Your programing experience will be useful.

    You can then have a look at the likes of…

    [Read more]

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