• Ketchup,

    Thanks for the info. The only reason is to learn more. Websites like scribd, and websites with videos even if it’s to teach are blocked. But if my reasons are not enough thanks anyway.

    Thanks to everyone that replied

  • Hi guys!

    It’s a sign of laziness when people ask things without going to google first and is also a sign of laziness when you ask something and people just say google for it.

    I already tried google several times and tried the options they gave. I arrived to the conclusion that or you own the bluecoat server or you make your own tunnel…[Read more]

  • Hi guys!

    It’s not blocking EHNET but it blocks almost everything else. Even is blocked (of course I can use the others until they’re not blocked). All download sites even for books are blocked. If I want to learn something I can’t.

    I already spoke to him and he said that the objective is to lower the network usage and he can’t open…[Read more]

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