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A growing number of women are taking on roles in industries previously dominated by men. Construction is one of these fields, and growing numbers of women are employed in the field. The jobs available for women meet their qualifications and expertise including architects, engineers to skilled labourers. Look at this website to discover additional resources about protection devices. Yet, like most traditionally male-dominated industries women are confronted with different — and often greater challenges than men because of traditional occupational stereotypes and beliefs. One of these is the need to have safety gear. Female workers should be aware that they can prevent injury and falls at work as do the rest of construction workers. OSHA regulations require that all employers offer fall protection as well as other safety equipment. In an industry historically dominated by men it’s easy to overlook having the appropriate-sized Protection Devices equipment (PPE) for women available. The Increasing Female Construction Workforce More than 1,000,000 females working in the field of construction out of 10 million workers. The most striking thing is that 40% of the women who work in the field of construction own their own businesses–it’s one of the most significant areas of growth for new women-owned companies. Special Protection Devices equipment will become more important as more women join the workforce. Women require special ppe because of this: The majority of Protection Devices equipment for construction workers, like fall protection lanyards as well as self-retractable safety harnesses, lifelines gloves, hard hats and goggles are designed specifically for males. It’s because the average man is much larger, taller, and broader than the average female. If women wear men’s PPE, it’s typically not fitted properly and doesn’t provide adequate protection. In fact, any PPE that isn’t properly fitted could be a danger that can increase the risk of injury in the case of a fall, or another incident. A poorly fitted safety harness could cause accidents, falls, or traps within machinery and possibly even cause injury. Also, a hat that is too large may be thrown away, and gloves that are too large may not prevent contact with hazardous substances. Security Devices Equipment is a Safety Must As you are aware, all workers must be equipped with fall protection devices while working at height. If you have it installed, that’s wonderful news. Are you certain that your female workers are protected? If they’re required to share PPE with their male counterparts, they might not be. Certain women alter their equipment to make it more comfortable. Making modifications to the equipment can reduce its effectiveness, make it less OSHA compliant, and increase the chance of getting injured. Incorrectly fitting protective gear can make it difficult for women to move and make it more difficult for them to complete tasks that they could otherwise manage with ease. Women working in construction and trades may have difficulty wearing protective equipment.

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