• @crk wrote:

    Out of curiosity…what country are you from, anyway?

    I hope I do not offense to say I rather not reveal this.
    It is favourite phishing strategy of authorities, get poster to reveal about self.
    Sorry. Is not meant impolite.

  • @don wrote:

    Ethical implications aside, the simple fact that jail time is mentioned as a serious threat means that it’s not worth it. It’s not like you’re trying to feed your family.


    I must ask you forgive me these ethics implications. You are right, I do not have to feed my family. Yet I have to feed my soul.
    I repeat, my country, no LEGAL…[Read more]

  • Is not bad advice, but I already use Tor, I think.
    xBBrowser use Tor with Firefox. Correct?
    This is how I download the Limewire.
    I still have question, how get Limewire to work through Tor.
    Everything I try in this way fail.
    I hope you help me please.

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