Brainstorming for Writers We’ve all seen the classic “Every Writer Must Download These Apps Now!” and other lists that claim to reveal the best writing tools as an objective fact or suggest that a writer should only need one software to do all of their writing. The real fact is that there is no magic software; it’s better to use different tools for different tasks. Instead of trying to find the perfect all-in-one writing software, build a strong toolset that suits your needs. A specialized app designed to do one thing will have more features, better design, and higher efficiency compared to a single software trying to do it all. So, unlike other “best writing app” lists, this list covers my favorite virtual apps to aid in each step of the writing process. On top of that, each tool on the list serves a specific purpose, and the tools in each category are meant to complement each other. I personally recommend using all of the apps on the list.

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