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      Buy some Red Bull. 😉 –> Been there, done that 🙂

      What, exactly, are you asking about / looking for? –>
      What I’m looking for is some sort of hints.
      My opinion is, that the exam is asking a lot more than given on the course.
      Just some sort of tutorials-books suggestions I’m asking for to get the “heureka”-idea about the exam. I want to work and earn this exam, but I’m out of ideas, where to look for solution or where to learn from. I’m really missing the extra mile tasks from the course. I guess it’s easy exam, if you are doing this type of work for years.
      If someone willing to help, discuss it in pm, don’t want to spoil anybody’s exam.

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      Hi Guys !

      I need some guideline for this exam.
      Could You help me out ?

Viewing 1 reply thread

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