• Man my company is not aware of security. Even i am a first person in my company to develop their proper websites. They were only having 5 page html site with poor design. I came in and introduced them with CMS and other technologies. I already asked my manager about security pen-testing but the answer is always “No i don’t think we need that at…[Read more]

  • I tried and after spending few mins I was only able to find the JS files embedded with the page, Whats inside the page makes me confuse i got an idea that the password is encrypted but i was unable to decrypt it. So yea it means i am still a newbie :)..

    Agoonie, yes now i am doing the same i am researching about it from my work.…[Read more]

  • I really understand the fact that i will be short on systems and networking side. And yea i can not just go study for 30 days and yea i am done with OSCP. I believe if i will prepare myself properly with self reading stuff for which i have no deadlines as i am right now working on a development side which is not related to security so i am not…[Read more]

  • I really appreciate all your suggestions. I agree with u guys that Web Pentesting is what i should pursue and OWASP is what which can get me into community scene. But can i make the best use of Backtrack as in my region backtrack is recognized widely. So will it be possible to go for OSCP with the knowledge i have or can i get that kind of…[Read more]

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