One Piece: 5 Characters Who Need To Train Harder

there are also characters who are weak or have unique abilities and strengths. Some of these characters will never grow more powerful, no matter how hard or how long they train. Certain characters in One Piece, however, could be more powerful if only they’d train harder, whether it be their minds or their bodies.

10 Mohji The Beast Tamer Needs To Learn To Master His Beasts Mohji is one of the underlings of an antagonist in One Piece and is a Beast Tamer with the Buggy Pirates. Unfortunately for Mohji, he is easy to defeat. His only real strength lies in his ability to use his Beasts to fight. However, if he is unable to control them, much of his strength and abilities will be wasted. Not only should Mohji train his body and become better at hand-to-hand combat, but he should also spend more time training his beasts to grow stronger and respect him.

9 Foxy Needs To Fight In Specific Circumstances But Can’t Ever Land The Finishing Blow Captain Foxy, One Piece Foxy, or the Silver Fox as he’s sometimes called, is a character who’s a bit of a joke to everyone in One Piece. He’s goofy, not very strong, and has to have very specific circumstances to battle with others. Even then, he’s never able to land the finishing or killing blow. This is one character who should really train harder. He should learn more hand-to-hand combat moves and styles and strengthen his body. He should also consider strengthening his mind by learning more about fights, battles, and even his opponents and their weakness. This would help him gain the upper hand in fights.

8 Governor’s Strength Is Unknown, Which Could Make Him An Unsuspecting & Dangerous Foe governor one piece marine Governor is a corrupt marine commander and one of the many antagonists in One Piece. He’s scrawny, power-hungry, and only cares about himself. He also finds amusement in forcing his subordinates to battle it out and cares more about his belongings than he does people. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Strongest Marines In The New World, Ranked As he falsifies documents, it’s unclear how strong he is. But with how cunning and sneaky he is, it’s no surprise that he would resort to underhanded tactics to get his way. With training in combat, weaponry, and subterfuge, Governor could be a powerhouse.

7 Spandam Inherited His Position & Was Respected Despite His Lack Of Strength Spandam is the former leader of the Cipher Pol 9, a powerful and secret organization. As his father was the previous leader, it would be expected that he’d have some battle sense, tact, or even be incredibly strong in battle. As one of the weakest characters in this series, Spandam could use a lot of training to grow stronger. He is incredibly weak and relies on his talents rather than his strength. He has a sword that turns into an elephant, but his swordsmanship skills aren’t great either. This would also be something useful for him to train in.

6 Patty The Cook Needs To Use His Muscles For Something Other Than Being A Chef Or Bouncer Carne (left) Patty Right One Piece Patty is a cook on the floating restaurant known as Baratie. Much like his cooking, which is horrible and inedible, he is not a very good fighter, but he can use a bazooka pretty well when it’s necessary. For the most part, his attacks are harmless. As his skills are quite lacking, Patty should train to become more competent. Due to his years as a chef and a bouncer, he has great muscle mass. If Patty were to train in some form of hand-to-hand combat and strengthen his body, he would become an almost unstoppable force. He might also find success in battle by learning how to wield his bazooka, knives, and his favored trident with greater strength, knowledge, and accuracy.

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May 4, 1996

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