• My cell phone is through my company, and even though it’s a crackberry, it costs an additional $30 per month to have the tethering service on the phone.  I don’t travel much, and I don’t need to be in some fancy hotel, but where I’m going, and where the training is, it’s all next to a major airport, all of the hotels are expensive, and the…[Read more]

  • I somehow doubt the hotel would want me bypassing their $15 per day charge to surf the web… I don’t like the idea of spoofing the ARP and grabbing people’s credentials, although I have seen that idea mentioned.  It’s not my intent to do any harm to someone’s network, or gain usernames/passwords of other members.

    It’s one of those things where…[Read more]

  • The AV system needs access to the internet, and half of the AV equipment is hard wired to a switch on one end of the building, the second half of the equipment is hard wired to a switch on the other end of the building.  Both of these switches also have connections from the office side of the showroom where we have employees needing access to the…[Read more]

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