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      @El33tsamurai wrote:

      He has all the guy’s personal information, name age which highschool he went to, what his external IP is ect. (he has logmein on the computer) problem is the guy turns the laptop off when he’s not using it.

      How does he have all this informtion?

      Like I said in my post LogMeIn, it’s a remote desktop service. So we do have remote control of the laptop but the guy never leaves it on, only has it on when he uses it.

      And I’d imagine if we just started controlling the desktop he would shut off the computer and ditch it. So we’ve only been using it for watching.

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      We don’t have the address that’s what we’re trying to get.

      Got his external IP because i think my friend has rainmeter has as it shown on the desktop.

      The rest of the information he got while watching him sign up for dating websites I think.

      With the external IP we’re still waiting on comcast to get back to us wit the address but it’s doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

      And in order to get a warrant to search the house we first need to know which house it is. With the external IP we only have it traced down to the rough location. So with wardriving we were hopping to find it narrow it down to the exact address, then present it to the police (who we’ve already reported too) hopefully giving them enough evidence that they can get a warrant.

      Of course because the cops only have loose evidence they refuse to move or do anything. As well I believe this guy is a minor so he’s name isn’t in records.

      So that leads me back to us trying to pin point the house. Because we know which neighborhood it is. I figured best way was through wifi because he is connected wirelessly but the SSID is linksys so my next move was to see if we could find the mac of that linksys (hopefully from the internet via his external ip) because we don’t want to scare the guy into ditching the laptop by suddenly taking control of it and him shutting it off right away.

      so thats why I was asking if there was something I could do to discover that linksys mac via WAN

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