• @Malachai wrote:

    I’m going to sign up but just wanted to make sure it’s not like advance or didn’t want to be left in the dark ….lol…

    It does say for newbies, and you get a month of training. During that time you should be able to evaluate your skillset and determine what your weaknesses are.

    I just noticed too that the winners of the CTF…[Read more]

  • MaXe replied to the topic Myspace in the forum Ethical Hacktivism 9 years, 1 month ago

    @Malachai wrote:

    @Beauty91 wrote:

    I would really apprecitate someone telling me how to hack into a myspace profile step by step 🙂

    format c: *.*

    will check for those (.) file


    That’s not even going to work, so the joke is kind of pointless as you can’t format the partition where Windows is installed with “format”.
    This may sound…[Read more]

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