• @Jamie.R wrote:

    You do have a few options you can get some cheap kit on ebay and setup a router. or you coudl take a look at

    i forgot to mention that i have real equip but no room. so i must go virtual. GNS3 was like packet tracer in its day. haha. it looks like you can run virtual box with it but not vmplayer. dang it.

  • Thanks for the info on the executive summery. My problem is i am a very detailed write so flashy is my type. Now to learn how not to be flashy in the right moments.


    That would be awesome. I have downloaded so many pdf’s on how to write a technical report, it aint funny. haha. It seems that apa style is the norm.

    you could have a wiki…[Read more]

  • @shadowzero wrote:

    If you’re new to this, you should expect to struggle for the first few attempts. As you progress you’ll start to learn what to look for and things will become a little easier. There will always be some degree of trial and error, especially when you get to more challenging machines, but there’s no substitute for experience and…

    [Read more]

  • @Grendel wrote:

    I mention to students they should try to be like surgeons, and conduct surgical strikes… but they come in carpet bombing the targets.  ;D But that comes with time.

    Feel free to hit me up with any other questions you might have. Enjoy!

    I can appreciate that since i am a pre med student. Thopugh i am not studying to be a…[Read more]

  • yeah i didnt think about that part. haha. yeah i have decideto use hose as my notes for research and then actually write a completly different report for the pen test. i figure in order for me to learn, i must document how the tools work for my sake and then perform te test and document the findings in a real report.


  • Awesome. that makes sense now. Ok so i was not just hearing things then. There is actually a 1.101 but it is only for student use. ok cool. So sine i do not have access to that, will 1.110 suffice for 1.101?

    I am trying to follow the dvd videos first then read the book. I plan on writing my technical report so i can turn it into my english…[Read more]

  • @3xban wrote:

    yeah the videos might be sligthly newer than the book or vice versa.  The book goes along well with the labs and that’s how I’ve been using them.  I may fire that one up after I am done with my current read/lab combo. 

    so far i like it. I have found that i need to follow the videos first and the ISSAF before i read all of his bo…[Read more]

  • Yeha the ones that came with the book are 1.100 and 1.110 but in his videos he ays attack he 1.101 target as your individual pen test project. He has his back rack set to 1.10. Here are my open and closed ports. udp 53 is closed but book  gives hint that it is actually open. haha. but netcat dont wanna connect to it using nc -u 53.…[Read more]

  • @3xban wrote:

    If memory serves, there was a 101.1, I have the labs at home and can take a peak later on.  There are some things that may no longer be valid since he has moved some of his material to HackingDojo. 

    awesome. yeah some things must have changed because in the video his nmap scan of 1.100 shows port 25 open. mine is closed. he c…[Read more]

  • PERFECT. ok thats what i was thinking. The above was originally going to be from my hands on exp portion as i follow along the movie for my actual pen test.

    But after reading my notes, i felt like it was a tutorial rather than an actual document.

    I have actually never written a technical report for anything haha so this will be new to…[Read more]

  • @ZeroOne wrote:



    first one has a dead link in it and it looked like a good read. haha. I have read the other ones before but i did not find what i was looking…[Read more]

  • @shadowzero wrote:

    @LT72884 wrote:

    last minute question. i notice in the dvd lectures thomas always says to practice against de-ice1.101. i do not and can not find de-ice 1.101. i can find 1.110 but not 1.101.

    Not sure about that… maybe he’s referring to an older release of 1.110, or just recorded it wrong.

    Thats what i was thinking. just…[Read more]

  • @cyber.spirit wrote:

    And the pro penetration test creating and operating a formal hacking lab dvd is great go further and futher man dont miss practice take care

    Awesome. I am hoping the courses on teh dvd are going to help me complete at least level one. I tried reading the book first but got lost in some of the material for the actual pen test…[Read more]

  • @cyber.spirit wrote:

    For the ftp service try to crack the user and pass with ncrack. In back track open the terminal and type:
    Ncrack — v (user) (target ip address):(port which is 21 in this case)

    ah, thank you. i will read up on ncrack to see what switches are doing. Does ncrack actaully crack the password sorta like hydra?

    thanks guys. here…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that reply. It provides some awesome info. Especially about the http://ftp.  I forgot about the ability to log into that as an unclaimed user,

    Ok, so i tried to use the hackerdemia live cd to learn hydra but even the new live cd of hackerdemia is still missing the hydra tutorial. is there a fix for that soon?

    Some of the other stuff you…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the awesome reply my friend. I didnt meant ot make the post soooo long winded, but i had to defend my honor of having a bachelors in network engineering that i NEVER use. I can totally see why you guys asked though.

    Ok first things frist, you all are gonna laugh at me. So about 2 or 3 years ago i purchased thomas willhelms book “…[Read more]

  • @3xban wrote:

    Good point Rance.  LT, what is your current base of experience?  Have you been working in IT?  Do you have a programming or systems background?  The way to succeed in this industry is to build up the base.  Many of us have worked in IT for years doing one thing or another.  Knowing some network and system fundamentals helps a good…

    [Read more]

  • AWESOME. ok. so i was somewhat right about just pretend they are public facing ip’s. I was just making sure.  It was really confusing me.

    Im still trying to remember everything i learned from 5 years ago in my ccna and ccnp classes. i never used the info so its kind of dusty. haha.

    as for my lab, my ultimate would be to have an online lab that…[Read more]

  • Thats cool about the site. thanks for sharing that.

    Ok, so why are all the tutorials out there about hacking from the private side? I dont understand that. IE, the de ice challange lvl 1, you scan and enumerate from the private side as if you had already gained access. But i thought the whole point of pen test training is to show…[Read more]

  • Perfect. thanks for the help. I know they sound like very basic questions but it has been 5 years or so since i have dabbled in this stuff. My isp is pretty quick, well, my dads is, the one i will be remotly viewing from, im not sure how fast they will be. haha. Some hotels are pretty slow.
    I was not sure what a RDC user could do once logged in.…[Read more]

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